Mount’joy’ Prison Considering Name Change



Dublin prison will seek to find new name following inmates consistent disappointment upon first arriving.

Mountjoy Prison, located in Dublin City is reportedly giving serious thought to changing its name as inmates have said the name is misleading and gives ‘false hope’.

“I thought it was going to be loads nicer on the inside,” shared 18-year-old Anto Daly, a prisoner who is 1 month into a 2 year jail term following a violent assault. “Don’t be calling me thick now, but it has ‘joy’ in its name and that. All I’ve seen is shit covered walls, there’s no chance of happiness in here.”

Prison officials have taken on board a number of complaints and will use the information to help give the prison a more appropriate name.

“It may be difficult for those on the outside to understand, but the psychological effect of being sentenced to a place with a name that evokes hope and happiness is really of no use,” offered prison warden Michael Kelly.

Names believed to be under consideration are ‘Shit and Sodomy Prison’, ‘Free Drugs, No Hugs and Not-So-Friendly Thugs Prison’ and early favourite ‘Fucking Hellhole’.

Crime expert Davey Young shared with WWN the positives associated with a name change. “Mountjoy enjoys a fanciful place in the media whereby people are shocked at reports that prisoners aren’t routinely hanged for amusement’s sake, but it really is an unpleasant place and it’s only fair we give future inmates every opportunity to be aware of that.”

Commonly referred to for some time as ‘The Joy’ a number of people have actually committed a crime in order to get into the prison, such was the lustre evoked by the name.

“I think it’s a good idea going forward calling a spade a spade, rename all prisons I say. I had no idea what I was getting into,” shared inmate Trevor Nolan, serving a 14th prison sentence, this time for armed robbery.

“I felt like a right fucking eejit after seeing my cell,” shared former inmate John Foley, “I was having a tough time of it and thought how bad could it be with a name like that? Boy was my face and arse red”.

More to follow as we get it…