Government Joins Snapchat


The Irish Government have today joined Snapchat, a widely used smartphone app, in an effort to engage with young voters. Snapchat is a photo messaging application which is extremely popular with young and politically conscious Irish people, which is the primary reason the Government have joined the app.

“We are a very tech-aware and tech savvy administration and we are always looking for ways to communicate with the youth of today, why even yesterday we did a very funny Q and A with that young fella Ryan Tubridy,” shared the Government’s chief communications officer John Quinn.

The Government announced their Snapchat presence via Twitter and Facebook today with the following message: ‘Catch me on Snapchat – IrishGov69LOL’.

While it is unclear how frequently the Government will use Snapchat to communicate with young voters, what is clear is that the general public can look forward some very funny and ‘loltastic’ content from leading ministers and Government TDs.

“Joining a smartphone application shows real commitment on our part to engage with the young people of Ireland and say ‘yes, you’ll be facing off to get a job abroad soon, but while you’re here, look – it’s the Taoiseach making a funny face’ and you can’t ask for much more than that, can you?” communications officer Quinn concluded.

How effective this latest ploy will be for the Government is not yet known, but a recent survey showed that 3 in 4 TDs did not know how to take a selfie correctly, so it seems the public are not holding out much hope.