‘When Is Someone Finally Going To Stand Up To The Government’ Asks Man Who Has No Intention Of Doing Anything


A disgruntled and frankly enraged Sligo man, Dermot Kelly, screamed from the rooftops of his laptop last night to vocalise his frustration at what he described as “the continued arsehole nonsense of the current coalition Government”.

Kelly, an Art teacher, reached the end of his tether while watching the latest instalment of Tonight with Vincent Browne. As the irascible host listed a litany of shortcomings and poor decision making by the current Government Kelly immediately took to his laptop to ask “when is someone finally going to stand up to the Government?”

His honest and impassioned plea on his Facebook page received a lot of positive attention with one friend, John, commenting you’re right pal, I can get a few mates together for a protest Saturday. 2pm sound alright?”

Kelly was taken aback by the response to his call to arms, but obviously couldn’t possibly make it up to Dublin on Saturday.

“Ah the traffic lad, and eh, I’ve the garden to take care of but give them hell from me, cheers!” Kelly responded promptly.

John, still buzzing from reading Kelly’s call for political action desperately tried to convince the art teacher to travel to Dublin for the protest.

“Ah, actually John now that I think about it Enda and the lads aren’t doing too bad a job really, are they? And I hear the weather is going to be something horrid over the weekend anyway,” Kelly concluded definitively.