JobBridge Intern Let Off Early To Empty Bins, Clean Toilets And Run To The Post Office


Kevin in wwn offices waterford

Kevin Murray further enhanced his learning experience at Ireland’s leading news publication WWN by collecting all the rubbish in the office and bringing it down to the bins in the car park.

The lucky intern was allowed to leave WWN towers early this evening as head honcho Colm Williamson graciously gave him a few hours off.

Mr. Williamson politely asked Kevin if he wouldn’t mind, since he was on his way out, bringing out the bins and cleaning the toilets.

“Oh, and could you drop off this package at the post office, it’ll cost a few euro, but you don’t mind, do you Trev?”

Kevin was only too happy to oblige his JobBridge mentor who reassured the media studies graduate they would get round to having their first ‘mentor-meeting’ soon enough.

The JobBridge intern would unfortunately miss an interesting seminar on social media and journalistic practice by voluntarily leaving early. The seminar given to staff at WWN was carried out by an industry leader who heavily cited research done by a ‘Kevin Murray, who is really unparallelled in his understanding or social media and its value to media organisations.’