Ship Full Of Cannibal Rats Given Map To Leinster House


WWN can exclusively reveal that the Lyubov Orlova ship, which made headlines last week as it was rumoured to be infested with cannibal rats, is believed to be in possession of a detailed map of Ireland.

According to WWN sources the map was placed aboard the vessel anonymously by a disaffected Irish voter who has circled the exact location of Leinster House, indicating it had ample meat on offer.

While speculation as to the ‘ghost’ ship’s location rumbles on without consensus, it is speculated by some that is heading for the Irish coast in the coming days.

The voter’s motivations for placing the map on board are unknown but could be found if one was to open a newspaper on any given day.

WWN sought clarification from the Gardaí on the culpability of the anonymous voter should the rats wreak havoc on Leinster House and mercilessly dine out on the flesh of the political elite much in the same way that same elite has gorged on the Irish people’s hopes and dreams.

While the Gardaí wouldn’t comment on this specific instance they did suggest a map-sender would likely be hailed a hero if his or her actions led to the death of even one politician.