Ireland ‘Unaware’ Leitrim Not In The News For 3 Years, Finds News Report



“Jesus, you’re right and all” uttered a shocked Brian Dobson, when it was brought to his attention that county Leitrim has not been in the news for the past three years, while in between ad breaks while presenting the 9 o’clock news last night.

Dobson, one of RTÉ’s most prominent newsreaders, had checked his twitter feed while waiting to come back on air and a twitter user had made light of the fact no one really talks about county Leitrim.

“I had one of the jobsbridge interns check the archives for me once he had finished washing my car and turns out it is true.”

A rare combination of nothing happening in Leitrim and the rest of the country forgetting about the county provided the perfect conditions for nothing noteworthy happening for over 3 years and the media blackout.

The proud people of Leitrim themselves admitted it had to be pointed out to them that there had literally been no news whatsoever over the last 36 months.

Mayor of Leitrim town Tony Leahy shared his surprise with WWN: “It’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? I suppose I cut the hedge August last but other than that nothing really stands out.”

Leitrim finally made its welcome return to the news when RTÉ carried a report about Leitrim not being in the news in its late night news bulletin last night.