Waterford City Taxi Driver Claims He’ll Be ‘Busy Enough later On’



A WATERFORD CITY taxi driver made claims today that he’ll be ‘busy enough later on’ and said he will probably be on for the whole night as a result.

Patrick Lawrence told a WWN journalist earlier that he started his shift around 2pm today, and will work right through till the early morning hours.

“It will probably get busy enough later on.” he said, as he entered Waterford bus station destination into his satellite navigation system. “People tend to go out more on the week-ends at that’s why it gets busier.”

Mr. Lawrence denied he was trying to make himself sound more important by the ‘busy later on’ claim and made further suggestions that this weekend will be even busier than normal due to the festive season.

“Weekends are always our best days.” said the now irritated driver. “Everyone fucking knows that.”

The middle-aged man could not produce any evidence to prove his claims, and threatened to stop the car, rendering the fare void.

“What difference if I’m busy or not later anyway?” he asked nervously.

Following a search of the taxi’s glove compartment, a slight scuffle ensued mid-journey, and a distress call was made by the taxi driver to fellow corrupt colleagues on the road.

Unfortunately, Mr.Lawernce broke his wrist and nose off the dashboard while trying to recover top secret documents from our reporter.

However, after subduing the Taxi-man, findings from the documents indicated that business was indeed better on Fridays and Saturdays.

The screaming Mr. Lawerence also denied doctoring any of the receipts in his glove compartment and begged WWN to leave quietly.

It was agreed that WWN would let the issue slide for now, but warned the whimpering man, that all of his personal details, including his home address,  have been recorded for future references.