“All My Facebook Friends Think I’m Really Cultured Now” Says Guy Who Translated Name To Irish


Young Man in tweed jacket

A DUBLIN man has confirmed today that all his Facebook friends think he is ‘really cultured now’ after translating his name from, Peter Cody, to the Irish version, Peadar Mac Oda, late last month.

The 27-year-old immature student said he had already felt the difference in people’s attitude towards him on the social networking site.

“It was like I jumped up a few rungs of some kind of sexy culture ladder. One minute I was merely Peter Cody, and the next I was cardigan wearing, pipe smoking, Irish literary artist Peadar Mac Oda!” he said “I even got an extra word in there for the win!”

However, Mr. Cody admitted that he doesn’t like being called by his Irish name in the ‘real world’ as it sounds too ‘Irishy’ when said in public.

“Yea it’s grand on facebook and that, but I hate the sound of ‘Peadar’ when its said to me in a bar. The name looks deadly when it’s written down cause it gives the impression I know the language or something. But when it’s said aloud it sounds like a cringy Irish farmer name, so fuck that for a craic. Just call me Peter when I’m out”.

The self proclaimed movie critic told WWN that several of his friends have also changed their names to Irish in the past few weeks and ‘haven’t looked back since’.

“I suppose they seen how many likes I’ve been getting lately and have jumped on the old ‘ass gay gle’ band waggon.A few of the lads have them fada yolks in their names and have been making great progress with the lady likes. I wish I had a fada or two.” he added.

Peter Cody claims he was the first person on his friends list who decided to change his name from English to Irish, so he cannot be blamed for following a trend, even though the idea has been around for quite some time.

“No one can say to me I’m following some kind of trend. Sure I started this whole Irish name thing on facebook” he concluded.

Peadar Mac Oda has befriended over 340 people since the move and now has an astounding 2,389 facebook friends.