Waterford Woman Who Couldn’t Be Arsed Watching ‘Kony 2012’ Video, Shares It Anyway


A COUNTY Waterford woman has admitted today to sharing the ‘Invisible children Kony 2012’ video without actually bothering to watch it.

Maria Dunne told WWN that she had seen the post numerous times over the past week and felt ‘compelled’ to just post the video regardless of its content.

“I knew it was something to do with charity and that so I just went with my gut and shared it on my Facebook page.” said the lac.

“I watched the first few seconds but then realised it was like 29 minutes long.

“Fuck that for a craic!”

The 23-year-old future mother of children added that she did make the effort to google the video just to see what it was about in case anyone asked.

“I figured it will probably come up into conversation sometime in the next few days so I gave it a search.”

Ms. Dunne also claimed she posted other viral videos in the past without actually watching them.

“When you see so many righteous people posting something you just know you have to share it to be equally righteous.”

“It’s like some kind of sick Internet pantomime where everyones posting stuff instead of chanting ‘It’s behind you’.” she added.

The Unemployed carnivore concluded that she will probably watch the video sometime in the future when she gets a ‘bit of time’.

“It’s just too long I suppose and I couldn’t be arsed, but I’m sure someone will insist I watch it with them to show how thoughtful and caring they are.”