Pierce Morgan ‘Unaware’ He Was Editor Of The News Of The World For 9 Years


BRITISH journalist and television presenter Piers Morgan told an inquiry into press standards today that he was unaware that he was the editor of the News of the world or Daily Mirror for a 9 year period.

Mr Morgan said he had no recollection of the mid 90’s to mid naughties and that he would be of no use whatsoever to the Leveson Inquiry.

The former talent show judge gave evidence to the hearing in London via a video-link from the US.

The 46-year-old said he was unaware of anything relating to journalism going on at the Daily Mirror or the News of the world under his alledged leadership, adding: “All that era is one big haze for me. Your best bet is to ask Rupert Murdoch what the hell went on there.

“As far as I know I was in an office doing something to do with words. Lots of words, and even more pictures. Jesus! If only I could remember.”

“Where was I based even? London was it?”

“Oh, hold on. I think I remember now………no……sorry, it’s gone.”

Mr Morgan told the inquiry he believed that he was being framed as editor of the two newspapers.

“This must be some kind of sick super set up.”

“Who ever did this must be out to destroy my career in CNN.” he added.

The America’s got talent judge then broke down in tears before a recess was called by Inquiry chairman Lord Justice Leveson.