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Empty Red Wine Bottles Acting All Innocent On Kitchen Table Like They Didn’t Just Fuck You Six Ways To Sunday

INNOCENTLY towering over a red stained kitchen table laced with cigarette ash and cheese crumbs, several empty bottles of wine stood silently in unison like they didn’t just fuck you six ways to Sunday. “Whose idea was it to open a fourth bottle last night,” your dehydrated head asks rhetorically, before flashbacks confirmed it was… Read more »

BREAKING: Mammy Needs Some Wine

RESIDENTS of the O’Riordan household in Mallow county Cork have been advised that mother of the house, Tina O’Riordan, needs some wine, WWN has learned. The statement, issued at around 7pm this evening, was short and concise, yet managed to convey her message without any retort from her immediate family. “Mammy needs some wine,” gave… Read more »

Some Crap About Wine Causing Cancer, Just Keep Scrolling

HERE’S some crap research which somehow equates smoking 10 cigarettes to one bottle of wine but just keep on scrolling through your news feed because fuck this shit, wine is lovely so it is, WWN can confirm. UK researchers with obviously nothing else better to do have decided to help media outlets create clickbait style reports… Read more »