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Son Sits Parents Down To Give Them The Liberal.ie Talk

PINCHING the bridge of his nose while expelling yet another exhausted sigh, son-of-two James Prendeville took a moment to steady himself in a bid to answer his father’s latest question as to why he was staging this intervention. “So, when you say it’s run by a right-wing nutcase, what exactly do you mean, son?” dad Tony Prendeville asked, seemingly oblivious… Read more »

The Tabloids’ Guide To Responsible Reporting On Trials

CRIMINAL trials of all descriptions are sadly exploited and poured over in lurid details by newspaper editors and principle-less online news publications, but luckily for the public Irish tabloids are always a bastion of restraint and respectful reporting. The temptation to turn someone’s tragedy into titillating conversation pieces for rubbernecking readers must be quite high,… Read more »

New York Times Reports Nothin’

THE New York Times has reported nothing in the last 24 hours, WWN and all other Irish news outlets can confirm. Seemingly operating under reporting guidelines that are far removed from what must be adhered to here in Ireland, the egregious NY Times somehow managed to string together zero words and no images to back… Read more »

Media Weeps As Last ISIS Stronghold Falls

DELEGATES from the world’s media have offered a 21-pen salute to the gallant men and women of ISIS, in a moving ceremony to mark the fall of the last stronghold of the terrorist organisation. With the last members of the Caliphate holed up in a desperate, hopeless siege in Syria, journalists and editors from the biggest news outlets… Read more »

Is Shamima Begum Momo? Sure, Why Not

UNSURE as to which vaguely threatening female internet sensation to create scaremongering articles about this week, the media has decided to run with stories that combine the mythology of brainwashed ISIS teen bride Shamima Begum and spooky YouTube banshee Momo, and who are we at WWN to not follow suit. Following discussions in newsrooms around… Read more »