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The Perfect US Gunman Just Years Away, Claims Media

WITH tragic shootings unfolding across America with ever increasing regularity, the Media has reassured the public that the perfect US gunman is only a matter of years away. “We were so, so very close with this latest one,” shared grinning Sky News editor Mags Cubbs, “he nearly had it all. He was misogynistic, tick, he… Read more »

Racist Clarkson Admits He’s Never Eaten A Banana

FURTHER shocking revelations have emerged relating to scientifically proven racist man Jeremy Clarkson. The Top Gear presenter had been on the receiving end of well deserved criticism following his mumbling of a well known variant on a popular nursery rhyme. “His diction was deplorable,” offered media expert Henry Clulisse, “I could barely make out the… Read more »

Latest Guinness Ad Wearing Out Its Welcome At This Stage

The incredibly popular ‘The Sapeurs’ Guinness advertisment which portrays the lives of fashion conscious Congolese men has finally out stayed its welcome, it has emerged. The latest Guinness promotion has flooded the airwaves recently with its inspiring tale of men dressing colourfully who are probably connected to Guinness in some way or another or why… Read more »

New Diet Craze Will Only Kill 30% Of Participants

A new dieting craze which has been sweeping the Nation since the 1st of January has come under fresh scrutiny following a number of revelations. Thousands of people up and down the country have been partaking in the new ‘uber diet’ Gutt Ü after leading magazines and prominent social media accounts claimed a number of… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Getting Really Good At Photocopying

WWN’s resident intern Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray is finally beginning to see some of his obvious potential flourish. After a tricky start at Ireland’s leading news publication Trev, as he is still known to colleagues, is settling in and making clear his talents to all in the organisation. As part of his JobBridge internship Kevin was… Read more »