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Today’s Election Lies, Promises & Cock-Ups

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all the twists and turns from today’s campaign trail: As the drug gang violence continues to spill out onto the streets politicians have denied this is a ‘hot button election issue’ as “most of the communities terrorised by the gangs don’t bother voting”. Fine Gael went on to ask the… Read more »

Today’s Election Campaign Catch Up

THROUGHOUT the 2020 general election campaign WWN’s vast team of roving reporters will bring all you the latest from around the country as politicians try to sell their uninspired and poorly thought out short-term vision for Ireland: Unveiling their ‘A Future To Look Forward To’ slogan Fine Gael outlined their intention to focus on Ireland’s… Read more »

Putin Not Arsed Interfering In Irish Election

RUSSIA’S benevolent leader Vladimir Putin has expressed his disinterest in interfering in the upcoming Irish election, despite his obvious interest in destabilising the West. Senior KGB agents, unrivalled in the field of sowing the seeds of discontent in democracies, had recently presented Putin with a 24 inch thick dossier on Ireland with endless recommendations for… Read more »

Leo Varadkar’s Guide To The 2020 Election

REMAINING coy on the exact date for this year’s general election, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke to WWN and helpfully divulged some details which will be of use to the electorate ahead of what experts are calling ‘surely the most disappointing array of politicians’ on record: – Unhappy with the current state of public services? The… Read more »