Should Ireland Change These Controversial Place Names?


MANY places, statues, buildings and venues around the world are experiencing name changes as people wake up to the history and origin of how many places came to be named after ignominious historical figures such as slave traders and genocidal warmongers.

And Ireland is no different; here’s a number of towns and areas that are under discussion for a more modern renaming:

MUFF – This small town in Donegal got its name due to having origins in the lesbian sex trade, and as such is due a bit of revamp to address gender inequality.

BORRIS-IN-OSSORY – Laois residents have for years campaigned for BIO to revert to it’s original name of Ossory, having only added the ‘Borris in’ bit after a visit from a Russian general in WW2.

KILPEDDER – A re-opened case file has shown that the Wicklow man known as Pedder was innocent of the crimes he was accused of, and that the culchies that lynched him were 100% in the wrong. As such, the town that took its name from the mob’s chant has fallen out of favour.

LIMERICK – It’s long been argued that if the people of Limerick don’t produce at least one poet worth to sit amongst the pantheon of the poetry Gods, they should be stripped of a county name that suggests otherwise. The people of Limerick have until 2024 to write one good limerick, otherwise the county and city will be renamed as Idiotville.

CORK – We just want to rename Cork so we can watch everyone go mad about it.