Time To Decide: Kev, Ste Or Rob? Who’s Going To Be Your Next Car Crash Relationship?


UNDERGOING an extended period of ‘me time’ and self-actualising can only go on for so long, the time has come to put your carefree and rewarding days as a proud singleton aside and really regress as a person.

But who should you turn this on this the splendid occasion of signing up to a car crash of a relationship? Kev, Ste or Rob? The possibilities are endlessly disappointing but hey, that’s life.


Self-proclaimed alpha male, what could go wrong? He’s so secure in his masculinity he refuses to use the pink rubber gloves in your kitchen when refusing to do the dishes because that’s a woman’s duty. What a refreshing entry into the Hall of Shame a relationship with Rob will be. Enjoy.


The sort of clingy that only reveals itself at 2am when you’re on a night out with friends. 47 unanswered texts and 20 missed calls, and to think you were tired of being single.


More boring than the 400-page instruction manual on how to watch paint dry but with a horn on him like it was designed by the pleasure Gods themselves, Kev certainly fits the bill for the one, the one right now until something better comes along.