Woman Grabs Hiking Sticks, Sets Out On Perilous Trek Along Perfectly Flat Footpath


DONNING expensive outdoor gear like she was about to leave a Himalayan basecamp, local woman Tina Murphy grabbed her pair of trusty hiking sticks to brave what is to be her biggest challenge to date, the perfectly flat ring road encircling her local town.

Making sure to let everyone know about her upcoming excursion, the perfectly able-bodied Murphy messaged anyone who would listen stating she should be back in an hour or two, depending on the conditions.

Now walking along the concrete path, her professional mountaineering sticks clicking with every stride, the 45-year-old squinted at the glaring sun with all the air of a 1940s expedition up K2, minus the sherpas to lead the way.

“Seriously, where the fuck is me one going with the bloody hiking sticks?” one passing motorist asked, wondering if he drove through a portal somewhere along the way.

Stopping for a second to catch her breath, the daughter-of-two looked back at the route she just came, all 500 metres of it.

“Glad I brought these now; I probably would never have made it across that speed bump pedestrian crossing safely without them,” she thought to herself, proud of the progress she made as cars whizzed by on the Tramore ring road, motorists rubbernecking at her ridiculousness.

Finally making it up to the slight 0.005% incline to ‘the top of the road’, Murphy turned on her heels.

“They say going back down is the hardest part,” she told herself, before making the perilous journey back home.