Local Man Unaware He’s Sharing Dad Memes


WATERFORD man and self-confessed ‘legend’ Darren Roche is seemingly unaware that he has somehow transitioned into a lame meme sharing dad, WWN has learned.

“It all started when he posted one of those old newspaper cartoons depicting a chair-bound TV-watching husband with wife pottering around with a crudely altered caption that I didn’t bother reading,” former friend of Roche, Hayden Leemy recalled, who now uses past tense when talking about Roche like he’s dead, “we first put it down as a slip up, but then the ‘I identify’ memes began and it just started escalating from there”.

Presumably while wearing brown tartan slippers with a blanket over his legs, 37-year-old Roche continually bombarded his feed with pixelated screengrabs he copied and pasted from ‘funny’ meme groups he joined, flooding friends’ timelines and WhatsApp groups like he was on a mission to destroy comedy for good.

“I unfollowed him after he started his Dilbert phase,” wife Clarinda Roche confirmed. “When the anti-Meta rants began calling everyone online woke and saying no one has a sense of humour anymore, I served him with divorce papers, which is exactly the time the ex-wife memes began”.

Now only speaking in dated memes, Roche defended his hobby with the classic sarcastic smiling Willy Wonka meme with the quote ‘It’s not that I’m not listening, it’s just I don’t care’, followed by a Barack Obama mic drop GIF for good measure.