Mother Knew It Wasn’t Son In ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Message Scam As The Little Prick Never Texts


THE latest fishing scam attempting to retrieve victim’s financial information through a new ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp text message wasn’t fooling one Irish mother this week, who stated she knew straight away it wasn’t her prick of a son because he never contacts her, WWN reports.

“I got excited for all about three milliseconds before coping on that Niall would never text me like that,” Geraldine Roche recalls the moment she received the suspicious WhatsApp, “he certainly wouldn’t start with a ‘hi mum’,” she added, “if they had to text me ‘give us a lend of 200 quid ma, will ya?’, then maybe I would have fallen for it, but this is some amateur hour bullshit right here… fucking ‘hi mum’ me arse”.

Only seeing her son at Christmas due to the fact he lives twenty kilometres down the road, Mrs. Roche advised fellow mothers that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

“Firstly, if he was stuck for money, you’d be sure as the day is long, he’d be on your doorstep looking for it and not pussyfooting around with some elaborate niceties through WhatsApp,” she went on, “it would be too easy to refuse him money through text messages, and he knows that, the little shit”.

It is understood the scam was a second attempt from the sophisticated scammers after their initial ‘Hi son’ scam failed to receive even one single reply.