All The Shocking Revelations From The Harry & Meghan Series


IT’S the documentary series event the British media and only the British media cares about. However due to the remote chance that our readers, who rely solely on Waterford Whispers News to stay informed, would like to know all the shocking revelation the controversial Netflix show has revealed – strap in:

The Queen gave Prince Andrew £12mn pounds to pay hush money to a woman who claims she was forced into having sex with him after being trafficked by notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Harry felt the family’s attitude to Meghan changed for the worse after she beat Prince Philip in a hard boiled egg eating challenge.

“There’s no way that yank ate 12 more than gran-pappa, check her pockets!” screamed Prince William.

The Palace secretly lobbied parliament for decades to ensure the British public had no idea of the true wealth of the Queen, as well as exempting her from a number of taxes that applied every other UK citizen.

A teary-eyed Harry recalls a blazing row with his brother: “He was quite adamant, he berated Meghan. ‘No one spells it with a ‘h’, it’s m-e-g-a-n. He went on like this for hours”.

It has only emerged in the last few hours but this isn’t the first time the couple have discussed their leaving the royal family.

The Queen made sure she was exempt from equality and discrimination laws, meaning she was not required to hire minorities to work for her in office roles at Buckingham Palace.

Harry finally quit the family after being knocked down in the next-in-line pecking order behind the Queen’s least favourite corgi, Neville Doggerlain.

During a frosty exchange Meghan called the royal family “a bunch of inbreds” which while technically very true it did not go down well.

In a horrible example of gaslighting Prince Charles said he had never heard of ‘Suits’ despite his Netflix account clearly showing he had made it as far as season three.

The Daily Mail confirmed that Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer series is now only the second most popular show about psychopaths on the platform since Harry & Meghan has aired.