Yeezy x Guineys Coming In 2024


FOLLOWING a tumultuous week that saw sportswear giants Adidas sever their professional ties over a rash of antisemitic comments, controversial rap superstar Kanye ‘Ye’ West has announced the next phase of his Yeezy fashion line will be produced in collaboration with Irish retailers Guineys.

Mr. Ye took to Twitter to announce the project and stated that he was very much looking forward to creating exciting new trainers and hoodies with Guineys, after failing to come to terms with other Ireland-centric fashion moguls such as Dubarry, Shaws, Ben Sherman, Remus Uomo, and Gazara Jeans.

“Yeah, I first encountered Guineys while in Ireland on honeymoon with whats-her-name. I was like damn, you guys do all this dope fashion and the black drink too?” said West, as he showed off the Yeezy line of wellies that will hit the market shortly.

“Then people told me that was a different company, and I was like whatever. These Guineys boys are coming with me to the top. We’ve got all manner of crazy shit to bring you. Your boy Ye goin’ full Irish. We’ve got Aran knit jumpers that are only knit by guys called Aaron. None of our stores gonna have changing rooms. You try shit on in front of everyone in the store like your mom used to make you. We only accept payments in punts, motherfuckers. If you don’t like that, bitch you must be Protestant or something”.

UPDATE: Guineys has pulled out of the collaboration following a series of tweets from Ye in which he made some unforgivable anti-coddle remarks.