Killiney Residents Secretly Delighted With Hollywood Style Wildfire Parallel


RESIDENTS forced to flee their homes on Killiney hill have today expressed their fears after gorse fires raged in the wealthy neighbourhood, but admitted, however, to finding some solace in the fact that it all felt very Beverly Hills, WWN has learned.

“Yes, the fires were terrifying, but bejaysis it really had a Californianesque vibe to it all,” explained 56-year-old Deirdre Price, quite chuffed to be making the news like one of those celebs in Hollywood, “God, the state of me now, don’t mind the hair as I had to run out the door after being evacuated by firefighters, but isn’t it just thrilling all the same?”

At around 5.30pm yesterday fire crews were alerted about the blaze in an area also known as Mullins Hill which is near many luxurious homes.

“I guess this is exactly how Mylie Cyrus felt like when her home was destroyed by fires a few years ago,” another homeowner stated, referring to fires which ravaged Hollywood homes in 2018, “and the way it was reported in the media really sold it too – we’re so exotic around here now”.

Meanwhile, several fires went relatively unnoticed in rural Ireland with locals casually pointing out, ‘it’s only a bit of gorse, lads, cop on’.