Is This Your First Recession? Don’t Worry, We Got You


FOR younger people reading this, there may be growing concerns about the rumblings of a global recession coming inexorably in our direction. For the rest of us, it’s old news – we’ve been through at least one of these before.

So take our hand, rookie. Come sit under the learning tree with us, and we’ll bring you up to speed with what to expect:

1) It’s not just ‘no money’

You think a recession is just having less money than you’d like? Oh, sweet child. It’s much more than that – it’s a crushing, grinding existence of gloom, where you never feel like anything you do will make any difference. Which is why you first-timers will struggle.

Us, we’re practically immune to it by now. You can’t lose hope when you’ve already lost it, haha!

2) You can make a bit of money, if you’re smart

Take a look at those who got through the last recession, what did they have? Things they could sell! CDs, DVDs, clothes, and most importantly, GOLD.

All of these things could get you a few extra quid by selling them off. Gold especially, there was even special shops that sprang up to help you sell it.

Do you have personal belongings that you can sell to help you through the tough times? You might just be okay. Especially that gold you have sitting around, tonnes of it we imagine. Who doesn’t? Time to put that to work.

3) It’s always sunny in Perth

If things ain’t great, emigrate. Like your uncle in Australia that left when you were 8 and you haven’t seen since, or the lad who was our best man at our wedding before he moved to Canada for life in 2009.

Recessions open up a world of travel opportunities, helping you to make the decision to get out of Ireland instead of staying close to your friends and family. A new life awaits you, whether you want it or not!