Things Renters Are Sick Of Hearing


IT’S an unenviable position to be in these days as Ireland’s rental market shrinks in supply and increases in price by the day.

Well meaning family, friends, co-workers and landlords who own their own homes may want to lift a renters spirit by giving them some solid advice, but whatever you do, avoid these phrase:

  • ‘Nobody owns their house in Germany’
  • ‘Count yourself lucky you’re not paying property tax’
  • ‘I had four houses and an apartment in Bulgaria by your age’
  • ‘Do you still get charged rent if you’re on holiday?’
  • ‘It must be nice, sharing your house with so many people’
  • ‘If you think this is bad, imagine having a mortgage!’
  • ‘Did you ever think about buying a place instead of renting?’
  • ‘Don’t worry, the government will be delivering 9 affordable homes by 2027’
  • ‘A small flat must take no time to clean! You’re blessed!’
  • ‘Reading this list cost you 4 euro’
  • ‘Where’s my fucking rent?’
  • ‘That will have to come out of your security deposit.’