Commuter Sets Off For Yet Another Game Of Road Works Roulette


COMPARTMENTALISING the last week of morning commutes, local man Gerry Hughs unwillin

gly sets out for yet another game of ‘road works roulette’, a game he has absolutely no interest in apart from its duration.

“I’ll try this ring road; hopefully the new pedestrian crossing is… ah balls,” Hughs shouted at his windscreen, realising that yes, the crossing is done, but a new set of works relating to sewage has just begun in time to make him late again for work.

“There was a period there last year when I actively sought psychics and mediums to carpool along with me so they might predict any upcoming roadworks, but nah, they’re all full of shite,” Hughs explained a series of attempts to try avoiding being late, “then I bought a drone to do a recon mission before setting out, but the fucking thing got ran over by a roadstone truck”.

Road works roulette has become a common game for most Irish commuters, with some motorists now just simply accepting their early morning fate.

“Moa!” exclaimed Tramore based commuter Daniel Ryan, donning a bandana around his eyes, now manic with enthusiasm as he blindly pressed a new route on his Google maps phone app, “I like to randomly choose my journey these days. One morning I ended up in Cork and actually met my current wife who was also doing the same game as me, she’s originally from Donegal”.

In a CSO survey, it is estimated there are over half a million road works across the island of island at any one time, not that you’d see it in the condition of the roads.