“Nice To Meet You Hungry – I’m Dad” Comedic Genius Father Totally Owns Child


A LOCAL dad with zero history in stand-up comedy has totally owned his 6-year-old son after the child left himself wide open to ridicule by stating he was hungry and wanted some food, WWN has learned.

Cathal Moran, who works in engineering, made worldwide news today for his witty and quick retort, sparking offers of live gigs, TV appearances and advertising contracts with quirky brands.

“It just came out of nowhere,” Moran said, recalling the now viral incident, which has since been coined the funniest moment of 2022, “my son Anthony walked up to me crying, saying he was hungry, and I immediately put my hand out to shake his and replied ‘nice to meet you, hungry, I’m dad'”.

It wasn’t long before the hilarious moment was picked up by the global media after his son called social services and made a formal complaint about his father, forcing local social welfare officials to investigate Moran for child neglect and house his son with foster parents for the time being.

“The wife is furious, but I’ve all these offers rolling in now and set to make a fortune touring the country doing live gigs, so who’s laughing now?” added the now recently divorced and former father-of-one, “sometimes you’ve got to just follow your dreams no matter what the cost”.

Meanwhile, child psychologists have since warned that such teasing can lead to long term issues among children, but have admitted the laughs far outweigh the irreversible damage caused.