Hundreds Of Refugees Flee Dublin Ahead Of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend


FEARS are growing that a humanitarian crisis may be about to break out in Balbriggan and Bray, as hundreds of terrified civilians prepare to evacuate Dublin city to escape the carnage of a long weekend of St. Patrick’s celebrations.

Coaches carrying mostly elderly and very young passengers were loaded up in the city centre today and brought to surrounding counties, and there were emotional scenes as wives were separated from their husbands who had bravely decided to stay behind in the city and get shitfaced for four straight days.

Families will be housed with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents in counties as far away as Carlow during the expected siege of Dublin, with many fearing that the session could spill into a second week.

“After two years of a shaky peace in the city due to parades being cancelled over Covid-19, we now face into one of the most devastating weekends in Dublin since the Easter Rising,” said one Sky News correspondent on the ground, before coming under jeers from local youths who wanted to know did he think he was Kay Burley or something.

Meanwhile, there were poignant scenes around the country as Dubliners who had left the city to live elsewhere made the decision to return to their homeland to join in the session.

“It’s frightening, yes, but it’s something I must do,” said one Dublin man leaving his adopted home in Mullingar to go be with his friends as they lose their shirts in the bookies, then their fucking minds in Temple Bar.

If you would like to help those fleeing Dublin, you can do so HERE.