Woman Tearing Up At Building Lit In Blue & Yellow To Welcome Refugees With Folded Arms


DUBLIN NATIVE Noleen Andrews has became very emotional passing by Leinster House and seeing the landmark lit up in blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine, seemingly unaware that her heart will turn to stone once a friend says ‘we’re taking in too many’.

“As an abstract concept my heart is broken over Ukraine. But c’mon actually taking in 20,000 refugees? It’s weird the closer I feel any of them getting to Ireland, my sympathy seems to lessen, this was more of a hashtag support for me,” offered Andrews, who confessed being an awful softy who cries at anything.

“Don’t get me wrong I’d give them the shirt off my back figuratively, but literally speaking I’m going to immediately harden to these people fleeing war and preemptively tell my local TDs they’ll have lost my vote if any end up in the constituency”.

Andrews is set to become very open and receptive to phone-in radio shows suggesting that any male Ukrainian refugees making their way to Ireland must be lying criminals out to defile her, having defied an order for all 18-to-60 year old men to remain in the country to fight.

“As long as they’re not kept in Dublin, there’s no room in city, let alone the suburbs I live in,” said Andrews not even 50 metres further along the road from Leinster House.

“Stick them in empty rural villages if you must, but not too close to anything” continued Andrews, as she posted blue and yellow heart emojis on a Facebook photo of Leinster House lit up.

“And anyway we need to help our own, what about the homeless,” Andrews concluded while flat out ignoring a homeless woman asking her for help.

Andrews later gave out to her husband when she found him donating money HERE.