Boss Can’t Believe Retail Worker Looking For Day Off To Attend Own Funeral


“YOU’RE really putting me in an awkward position here, we’re already short two for the afternoon ‘cus Jack and Ellen are selfishly off getting their vaccines,” snarled retail business owner Alan Fannon down the phone to a former employee recently deceased from Covid complications.

“C’mon, you owe me one, remember when you rang me from the ICU ward saying you had Covid and I…I was pretty cool about that? And now you’re pulling this shit” continued Fannon, who just can’t get the staff these days and you wouldn’t believe the shit they try pulling, honestly.

“This s very short notice. I might have to cut your hours going forward I need people I can rely on,” added Fannon, before stating he is ‘always fair’.

“Hang on, AND you’ll need every day after that off too? You’re fucking kidding me. I knew you’d be trouble ever since you called me out on never wearing my mask in areas customers couldn’t see us in. Fucking typical, you give someone a chance to earn money and they let you down!” said Fannon before slamming the phone down.

Spotting his employee’s death notice and funeral arrangements in the paper, Fannon stated ‘she’s rubbing it in now’.