Min For Health Going To Be Livid When He Finds Out About Delta Variant In 6 Weeks Time


AS ‘indoor dining might not return on July 5th but here’s why it’s not our fault’ becomes the dominant strain of government talking points, sources with a working knowledge of the government’s Covid response believe Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly will be beside himself with anger when he discovers the Delta variant in 6 weeks time.

“Much more transmissible, the dominant strain in the UK now, months after the Tories were first warned about it, yup, Stephen is going to be pissed whenever he catches up,” confirmed a source.

Not wanting to disrupt their winning streak of failing to take decisive preemptive action to prevent things they were warned about happening from happening, the government is currently just resigning itself to the Delta variant riddling the country before Ireland reaches the sort of vaccination levels that could avert damage to the progress made on reopening the economy.

“The slow government response is a real shame, if they only discover it 6 weeks from now, that’s 6 weeks lost when they could have been encouraging the people to blame NPHET for everything. The most important thing ahead of a return to indoor dining is for the government to completely fail to provide funding for enhanced ventilation on premises,” added the source.

“Just answer me this, and don’t sugar coat it – has the variant evolved to learn how to use a trampoline?” Minister Donnelly will likely say whenever he learns of the variant’s existence.