Growing Concern Celebrities Are Unaware You Can Just See Therapist In Private


WITH Prince Harry the latest in the never ending parade of celebrities and public figures to relive devastating trauma in high profile televised interviews, there is a growing concern among the ordinary public that celebrities may be unaware of the existence of therapists.

“Opening up and sharing your experiences in public definitely has the power to help other people, but the sheer volume of celebrities now seeking to share their trauma in interviews suggests nobody in their inner circle has alerted them to the existence of therapy,” shared psychotherapist Dr Yvonne Caldwell.

“And I think some thought should go to the likes of Oprah, Barbara Walters, Dr Phil and Gayle King, they’re stretched too thin, there are mile long queues out their doors of celebrities wanting to pour their hearts out in exclusive interviews”.

“But there is literally no more exclusive an interview than with a therapist, one-on-one and it’s all in private to boot,” added Caldwell, who suggested setting up an elaborate but unmanned TV studio in therapist offices in it helps to make celebrities feel more comfortable.

Gossip loving doom-scrollers who sustain themselves on a diet of the personal struggles and tragedies endured by famous people have also asked them to ‘pare it back a bit’.

“I love it as much as the next obsessive, but my feeds are just a cavalcade of celebrities clearly not aware that you can do this all without cameras, and for a fraction of the price. Frankly, I’m exhausted trying to keep up, I sent Harry the name of my guy on Twitter, even got him ‘mates rates’ but I think he’s going to go with Oprah again” shared one celeb follower.