Woman Enters ‘Read Random Things Out Loud’ Stage Of Life


WATERFORD woman Sheila Weston has accepted that she is well on her way to becoming her mother, after catching herself reading things out loud to her husband and kids, often with no connection to anything that’s happening around her at the time.

“‘Murray’s Tile & Bathroom Showroom, now open'” said Weston to the entire family, breaking the silence of a Saturday drive past Murray’s Tile & Bathroom Showroom.

“Youth bound to the peace after incident involving bus driver” she announced while reading the local newspaper, seemingly for the benefit of her cat as nobody else was home at the time.

“Satsuma Oranges, now only 89c,” the Weston family was informed, while they tried to watch a movie, despite assuring their mam earlier that they were okay with not knowing the supermarket specials for the incoming week.

“Maybe it’s a menopausal thing? Either way, I can’t help myself. If I see print, I have to read it out” Weston told WWN during our interview, during which she also randomly informed us that there were 35 servings in a box of Rice Krispies, according to the packaging.

“Funny, I never do it when I’m reading a book, or indeed anything interesting. It’s always just mundane bits and pieces that I drop in out of nowhere, like a mother bird dropping bits of worms into the nest for her chicks”.

Meanwhile specialists have suggested that maybe Mams wouldn’t feel the need to do this if you sat down and talked to her once in a while.