God Sorry Now He Forgot To Include Bible Passage About Him Being Black


“When I think back on it now; it probably could have made a huge difference to the way humanity treats one another,” God said in an emotional interview with WWN, ahead of his newly published book ‘The Newest Testament’, due for release next month.

During the course of promoting the latest update of the Bible, God has surprised followers with his first public appearance, which revealed he’s actually of African decent, proving a jaw dropping moment for many.

“It’s not something I really thought of, considering the whole human race descended from Africa,” God explained, referring to scientific consensus on the origins of man, “you do know I made man in my image, right?

“And if the first man and woman were just that, then I would have assumed you idiots would have known I was black – next thing you’ll be saying my son Jesus was some blonde haired, blue-eyed white boy ha-ha,” he added.

Released on October 12th, God’s new updated edition of the old new testament will go on sale across the world, hoping to ‘right a few wrongs’ along the way in a bid to keep up with an instant information world.

“To be honest, you people don’t have long left to read it so I’d say get out there and buy the book asap,” God hinted at a possible future ending for his next book, “I’ve included the part where I’m black, bisexual and love a good pork chop now and again so I’m sure this edition will go down as well as the previous ones, hopefully without all the violence this time”.