Here’s All The Loose Storylines The Kardashians Must Tie Up Before Finale


FANS of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have reacted in dismay to the news that the long-running reality show is to wrap up after its upcoming, now final season; especially as there’s so many loose ends that need to be tied up!

To avoid the series suffering a ‘Game Of Thrones’ style fate where too much is crammed into too few episodes in a race to the finish line, here’s the most pressing plot points from the last 13 years that fans will demand get resolved:

Who is ‘Robert’?

For years, the routine weekly action between the sisters would be interrupted by the appearance of a random schlub who was revealed in the Kardasikipedia to be a man named ‘Robert’. Who is he? What part does he play in the overall story? Hopefully the remaining 20 episodes will finally get to the bottom of this!

Where is the real Kylie?

Since the shocking twist in s10 where Kylie Jenner was kidnapped and replaced by a robot made from silicone and arses, viewers have wanted to know when the rest of the family would realise that their sister has morphed into a Kardashibot who’s sole purpose is to sell weight-loss tea to teenagers on Instagram. So far, they haven’t, but will they? Or will they just join Kylie 2.0 in the lucrative laxative tea market?

Does anyone know what Caitlyn did summer of 2015?

In scenes lifted straight out of teen horror classic ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a road traffic accident that left one person dead and fans have patiently waited for years to see does this ever come back up, but so far there’s been nothing… are we in for a slasherriffic series finale as this supposedly dead antagonist returns from the grave, working their way through the clan one by one? Here’s hoping!

All these questions and more, coming up on the final season of KUWTK! Watch it with your girlfriend or female housemate to ensure nobody slags you for actually liking it!