US Police Spend Another Day Rioting


AMERICA has now entered its second week of large scale rioting by police as the public struggle to contain the damage wrought by the out of control uniformed police and National Guard.

Disturbing scenes continued to unfold across the majority of US states as officers caused extensive damage to the private property belonging to citizens bodies, attacking the storefronts of their flesh.

“I’m all for peaceful protest, but I don’t think this is how you do it,” offered one observer of police aggressively rioting, who believed if the police wanted people on their side they should reconsider driving cars into crowds, shooting journalists with rubber bullets and tear gassing peaceful crowds of people before a curfew is officially in place.

“Hey look, I get they have legitimate grievances but thuggishly trashing and destroying medical tents while nurses and doctors are in them, and shooting harmless rubber bullets indiscriminately into crowds – I’m not policist, I’m totally anti-policism but… c’mon, they can’t really be surprised by the stereotypes everyone has about them?” added one privileged person who had no idea how deeply embedded their rotten and cancerous policism was.

Despite pressure being exerted on him by state governors and calls for unified action, President Trump has refused to threaten to call in democracy, accountability and constructive solutions to ease tensions.

Elsewhere, in a bid to clear up confusion, opportunistic politicians from all sides and countries have painstakingly explained to people protesting that it was actually the politicians themselves who first came to the realisation that racism needs addressing and that you can thank them and give them credit later, stating ‘you’re all welcome’.