World’s Forests ‘Self-Immolating Over Climate Change’

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THE FORESTS outside Sydney, Australia have become the most recent wooded area to set itself on fire in a protest against climate change, following the example lead by the Amazonian rainforests earlier this year, and the subsequent Californian forest fires.

It is believed the forests are self-immolating in the style of monks who set themselves on fire in protest at the escalating conflict in Vietnam in the 1960s, and later on the cover of Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 album ‘Rage Against The Machine’.

Aghast at the world’s ‘wait and see’ approach to man’s increasingly apparent effect on the climate of our world, the so-called ‘lungs of the planet’ are one-by-one putting a match to themselves in a bid to be at least the sixth item on news broadcasts.

“I know it sounds weird to say the forests are setting themselves alight, but the only other explanation is some sort of man-made climate disaster which creates the kind of conditions that allow such massive fires,” said one lad we know who lives in Australia these days.

Asked whether they will be following suit, Irish forests said they will leave the protesting to other countries as “it was too cold to protest in Ireland”.

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