Doctors Want Cannabis Risks Highlighted, The Pricks


A GROUP of so-called doctors with nothing else better to do than ruin cannabis legalisation for every man, woman and child in Ireland want the risks of the plant highlighted, the bunch of fucking pricks.

In a letter published in The Irish Times today, goody-two-shoe doctors from the Cannabis Risk Alliance said the government was “sleepwalking” its way into supporting cannabis use, pointing to the development of severe mental disorders among users, particularly psychosis, which is a load of bollocks because cannabis cures cancer and everything and they should just shut their stupid mouths.

The group, who obviously smoked a joint once and chucked a whitner, said cannabis is the most common substance involved in drug-related admissions to psychiatric hospitals in Ireland, which this publication believes is probably just down to the patients being total and utter lightweights, and should maybe take up vaping pot puree instead if they’re so bloody delicate and frail minded.

The spoilsport group of doctors also called on the government to examine the real dangers of cannabis before legalising it for medical or recreational use, which is fine, we suppose, but don’t expect us Irish to fall for any health warnings like that. We know what ye are playing at, “doctors”.