Fine Gael Apologises To Supporters For Building Houses For Povos


FINE GAEL have begged their core supporters for forgiveness after the party in government admitted to accidentally nearly hitting their projected target of social housing units AKA ‘poor people shacks’ for 2018.

“We apologise to all of you we’ve let down. To nearly hit a target is devastating for us but if it’s any consolation 4,000 houses really isn’t anywhere near enough for all those povos,” a somber Fine Gael spokesperson shared with its core voting block made up of people who don’t pay taxes to have them squandered on accommodation for thieving, heroin addicted ingrates with 47 kids.

“Don’t give us to a hard a time though,” pleaded the spokesman as he pointed out that homeless figures were still rising and that opposition parties called the pace of social housing builds ‘glacial’, so it wasn’t all bad.

The overwhelming majority of the 25% of people who voted for the minority government, only still in power because Fianna Fáil hasn’t pulled the plug, have expressed their frustration at the news that the target for social housing was only missed by 4%.

“Surely if you really had your supporters interests at heart you would have missed that target by 25% or 30%, so we could all send a strong message to the feral parts of society,” replied one irate Fine Gael voter.

It wasn’t all bad news for the government today as one local man always critical of the treatment of those in society that have the least, recently got a promotion in work and has since made the stunning transition into a Fine Gael supporter now that he’s earning €60,000.