Guide To Ignoring Thoughts Of Slave Labour When Purchasing €5 Dresses


NEWS that some 5,000 Bangladeshi garment workers are involved in ongoing strikes runs the serious risk of making you feel profoundly guilty in the role you play in the world when you pick up a dress for €5 in any number of well regarded high street shops.

WWN is here to help you stave off any sense of guilt or responsibility, and this isn’t just for dresses it can work for any unreasonably low priced clothing and fashion item.

Follow this essential guide and grant yourself the sweet freedom of guilt free shopping.

50 workers were injured and one killed when protesting their onerous and oppressive working conditions which provide them with little rights.

What’s the solution for the shopper who wants to continue buying cheap clothes? Why simply repeat the words ‘fuck them’ and carry on shopping.

The $30 billion industry relies on being able to exploit these workers so you can shop til they drop from exhaustion or beatings and intimidation which has been widely reported as being the case.

This would cause almost any casual shopper to stop in their tracks, drop whatever cheap clothing is in their hands before marching out of the shop and vowing never to again to give the large and profitable chain their business.

However, simply avoid all those feelings of anguish by thinking ‘fuck them’ if thoughts of slave labour and horrid conditions enter your mind.

Ooh, look over there that dress pattern is amazing and there’s only one left in your size.