Local Man No Idea Where He Was During 9/11


ESCHEWING the recollections much of the western world shares regarding the September 11th attacks in New York in 2001, local man Richie Loughlan can’t for the life of him recall where he was when the horrifying terror attack occurred.

“No, nothing, Sorry, mind’s blank. College up in Galway? No, that was 2002,” explained Loughlan, who unlike many of his friends on social media is starved of a chance to let everyone know where they were when they first set their eyes on news coverage of the tragedy, “don’t get me wrong like I was aware of it happening at the time obviously, it was awful, but can’t recall perfectly the exact moment”.

Now part of the collective psyche of the American people and those directly affected by the terror attack, elsewhere 9/11 has taken on a special significance in the lives of people who seek to make everything about themselves.

“What sort of bastard doesn’t remember where they were? How does he not remember? Seriously, he’s some kind of monster. I remember it like it was yesterday,” shared Dubliner Maura Holland, who really doesn’t if she’s being completely honest with herself.

36-year-old Loughlan has been reluctant to share his lack of distinct memories as to his precise location, emotions and reactions to the events the day of the 11th of September 2001, for fear of being berated by people like Holland who are only too keen to share their memories, usually in Facebook profile picture form.

“I walking passed an electrical shop by myself which had loads of TVs in the windows, I just stood there for hours watching. My daughter was only two at the time, she pulled on my coat and asked ‘why is the world so full of pain and evil?’ and all of us, all 40 of my coworkers just stood their in work watching the second plane on a TV. I was so shocked I didn’t go into work that day, I just couldn’t” added Holland who for reasons that escape her, began building out a detailed and contradictory story in the intervening years, further embellishing it with each new telling.

A number of people have come forward in recent hours to ask Loughlan to take a long hard look at his life, before going on to share their long winded and deeply detailed stories of watching TV that day.