Jennifer Lopez FLAUNTS Her Body In These Photos Taken Via Long Lens Camera 2km Away By Paparazzi


THE OUTRAGEOUS Jenny From The Block singer stunned onlookers with her enviable curves, as they stared down a photographic lens from over 2 kilometres away, with J Lo soaking in the sun on private property we are strictly speaking, not allowed take pictures of.

Unashamedly flaunting her buxom breasts and pert posterior to the privacy of an exclusive holiday resort, Jennifer Lopez just couldn’t get enough of the paparazzi we paid a 5-figure sum to for photos she had no idea were being taken.

The body-confident singer defied her age and looked like a much younger woman, with barely a hint of wrinkles in any of the 4,000 photos taken from a location with a high vantage point and plenty of bushes to conceal our photographers in.

“She was dancing provocatively with a man much younger than her,” confirmed a source we made up to bump up the word count in between yet another photo which no doubt crosses some ethical line we as a society stopped caring about long ago.

However, several of our photographers did vomit uncontrollably after spotting some cellulite, which is nothing short of disgusting. Shameful stuff from Miss Lopez.

If you want to see the full gallery of all the photo taken without her knowledge or consent just check back later this evening, and remember Lopez has posted photos of herself on social media and is a celebrity so just carry on clicking and clicking and clicking.