Egyptologists Unearth ‘Ghost Pyramid Estate’ Linked To Ancient Financial Crash


ARCHAEOLOGISTS in Egypt believe they have discovered what appears to be hundreds of thousands of unfinished ‘ghost pyramid estates’ which they believe to be proof of an ancient financial crash which hit the region over four thousand years ago.

The poorly built pyramids are said to be a lot smaller in size compared to their predecessors in Giza, hinting at a series of rogue building contractors operating at the time.

“The flimsy design is reminiscent of a production line style output, where the care and duty of previous constructions does not seem to have been adhered to, like the Great Pyramid for instance,” Egyptologist Prof. Donald Holding explained. “We believe the pyramids were quickly put together in a boom time, before construction then just suddenly stopping, as if the money just simply ran out”.

Depicted in just a handful of scrolls, a large scale financial crash was in fact mentioned around 2145BC when the infamous money hungry Pharaoh Laymanarke II announced he would need a bailout from his people by introducing extortionate taxes on them in a bid to keep the local monetary system afloat.

“We have found references to financial groups called ‘phoenix funds’, who were owned by Laymanarke II, later buying up all the properties and enforcing massive rents on the already struggling Egyptians,” Prof. Holding added. “This was the beginning of the end and I believe this to be one of the last financial crash before the whole Egyptian civilisation crumbled in on top of itself and faded into the scrolls of forgotten history”.

“I can’t help but think, what a bunch of gullible fucking idiots the Egyptian people were,” he concluded.