“Yes Voters Do Not Need To Register To Vote”


THE DEADLINE to register to vote in the upcoming referendum is today, the 8th of May, and all that’s required is people check if they are registered HERE and print off and fill in a RFA2 or RFA3 form from the checktheregister.ie site, then drop the relevant form into your local authority after the form is stamped by a garda.

However, WWN’s resident priest and conscience expert, Bishop Cornelius Byle, has informed us that actually, all potential Yes voters do not need to register to vote.

“The last thing you want is to be troubling gardaí and local councils, and all that time you’d be spending yourself filling out a form when Yes voters are, eh, definitely automatically registered to vote due to eh, section 43a of the Big Irish Voting Law,” Bishop Byle helpfully explained earlier, once again trouncing more propaganda from the Yes side which is acting like everyone of all ages who is not registered to vote should do so today.

“But it is necessary the No side do it, people voting not to murder babies in a genocide on par with the Holocaust, yes, they need to register to vote. This is all about impartial facts, which, let’s be honest, the Yes side with its panel of medical experts on women’s health, are not going to give you that,” Bishop Byle added, reinforcing the vital role Irish priests have in telling the public what to do.

Thanks to Bishop Byle another misunderstanding has been resolved, so remember if you’re voting Yes, you don’t need to register as you are definitely already registered, and Bishop Byle also stated that anyone who is voting Yes needn’t turn up to mass next Sunday as they can join the other people excommunicated 2 years ago for voting Yes to marriage equality.