Woman Makes Public Appeal To Be Reunited With Girl She Bonded With In Nightclub Bathroom


POLICE and social media users have been working in tandem these past 48 hours in a bid to reunite Dublin woman Ciara Heedy with unnamed woman she shared a unique and unforgettable 4 minute, 32 second bonding session with in the toilets of Everleigh Gardens on Harcourt Street.

The unidentified woman has been described as blonde, no more than 5ft 3 inches with an ability to dispense insightful life lessons while being hilarious and the right side of not being ‘too extra’. Heedy (25), made a further appeal to the public this morning at a press conference.

“I was all like ‘it’s fairly packed in here tonight’ and she said ‘not as packed as I was last night, I can barely walk. Stop, I don’t even know you, what am I saying? Bathroom Besties’. We both cracked up laughing, she was too much. Then I started getting upset about my ex, and she started hugging me and telling me men are snakes, and we just bonded, ya know,” Heedy shared, keen to be reunited with the woman, who she said looked like a Rebecca or a Rachel, she couldn’t be sure.

“I apologised for getting upset and she told me to cop on, it’s grand, us sisters gotta look after each other. Then I told her I loved her eyeshadow. We were next-level bonding,” Heedy added, before tragically revealing she had promised to buy the woman an overpriced gin cocktail as a thank you for the pep talk, but after emerging from a toilet cubicle after taking a dump, the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Ciara’s treasured yet brief encounter with an unnamed woman is believed to be an experience shared by 81% of women when on night’s out.

If you or anyone you know fits the description of the woman Ciara full-on bonded with, please contact the gardaí or Ciara directly, as she is of the belief they could be ‘proper, legit long-term friends’.