Criticism As Kerbs Still Not On Official PE Curriculum


THE DEPARTMENT of Education and the schools it oversees have been rounded on by sport experts after it was revealed the popular game of Kerbs has not yet been added to the curriculum.

The highly skilled sport, played by those of all abilities but only mastered by the few who possess the required genius, Kerbs could become the cornerstone of any well functioning sports programme for children aged 4-18, if it were not for the old-fashioned backwards attitudes towards the sport that is still prevalent amongst those in positions of authority.

“A deft overarm lofted throw that catches the kerb just right. This is what we should be teaching kids. Coordination, tactics, strategy, all the essentials but the idiots in charge think badminton or some shit will do instead,” voiced one amateur Kerbs player, who could have gone professional if Kerbs had a professional league.

Many believe authorities are reluctant to include Kerbs in the PE curriculum as it would require every school in the country to be fitted with kerbs that are the optimal height for landing the precious bounce back of a ball on concrete.

“Can we really put a price on the correct physical education of the country’s children? I think not,” confirmed another amateur Kerbs player.