Register To Vote Or Relinquish The Right To Moan About Shit, Public Told


AHEAD of the upcoming referendum on the repeal of the 8th amendment the public have been told to check if they are registered to vote or face completely relinquishing their right to moan about the result of the vote.

Members of the public have been warned that if they are of voting age but not registered to vote, they face being banned from criticising or complaining about the outcome of the referendum, whatever that may be.

“We wholeheartedly encourage the endless moaning about the state of this country. We ourselves relentlessly shite on about how politics, society etc in Ireland is a complete joke. But if you don’t register to vote you can fuck off if you think you can join in with the moaning,” explained the IAOMB (Irish Association Of Moany Bastards).

Those not registered to vote can still add themselves to the supplementary register by downloading this form HERE and filling it out in the presence of a member of An Garda Síochána.

“Just double check you’re on the register or else you face an all out ban on complaining about the future injustices you feel have been visited upon the people of Ireland,” added the IAOMB, “No. Shut up with the excuses. Shut up. Either do it, or quite pissing and moaning about things you’re not even registered to vote on”.

Individuals ineligible to vote due to being under-18 have been reminded they should focus solely on rolling their eyes when listening to the wildly ignorant opinions of their elders, who have made plain their desire to vote without bothering to read up of anything information relevant to what they are voting on.

People who go on to vote in future referendums and elections will retain full ‘bitching, moaning, giving out, complaining, screaming and shouting’ rights.