“Better Safe Than Sorry” Man Stocks Up On 40 Slabs Of Beer Ahead Of Snow


AFTER listening to warnings from Met Éireann, alongside yet more warnings from various authorities one local Waterford man made the decision to stock up on essentials ahead of the much anticipated ‘Beast from the East’ snowstorm.

“Better to be safe than sorry is always my motto,” confirmed concerned father-of-four Colm Kinnetty, as he lugged one of 40 slabs of beer into the boot of his car with the help of his children.

“I’ve heard the lads at work saying the weather warnings are all a bit over the top, but look, I’m taking no risks here, if it’s as bad as they say it is, I’ll be relieved I prepared for it ya know,” Kinnetty added as he rushed at speed back into his local off licence, barging passed several other concerned citizens who were also stocking up on vitally important 6-pack survival kits.

“Sorry, you’ll have to walk home,” Kinnetty explained to his children as the essential supplies desperately needed in the event of heavy snow now took up the majority of room in the car. “They understand, we’ll need all this stuff this week,” he added.

Such is the fear building up around the Beast from the East, which could have easily just have been named ‘a snowstorm’ by the media, many local shops are reporting to the media they are low on essentials and are urging the public to stock up fast.

“The demand is huge, people thank God are taking this and their safety and preparedness seriously, but for those who haven’t stocked up on booze yet we’re down to the last few cans,” explained local shop owner Eamon O’Reilly, “this is no time for joking about the weather, the experts are saying it’s so severe that it’d be worth getting some whiskey and hot port too while you are at it”.

Asked if he was running low on any other essentials, O’Reilly stated he was not, but that he had the usual stock of water, food, and snow-survival kits in the shop.