Sinn Féin Confirm Kingsmill Video MP Will Be Bullied Out Of Party


A SINN FÉIN MP who received a torrent of criticism for a video that seemed to mock the victims of the Kingsmill massacre will be disciplined by his party, WWN has learned.

Sinn Féin have confirmed that MP Barry McElduff will be dealt with using official party policy which involves the bullying and intimidation of its members, similar to the alleged tactics used within the party that brought about a number of party members leaving the Republican party.

McElduff, who harmlessly perched a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head in a video that had nothing to do with mocking the 11 victims of an IRA attack in Kingsmill, Armagh, 10 of whom were murdered in 1976 massacre, has apologised for not offending people on purpose.

“If people  had any lingering doubts about Sinn Féin after this incident, may we remind you we can be trusted to bully and intimidate anyone who steps out of line,” confirmed one Sinn Féin spokesrepublican, alluding to allegations of bullying against councillors in Kildare, Tipperary, Cavan, Cork and Wicklow.

If McElduff remains in the party after a bullying campaign, he is expected to return to not taking his seat in Westminster.