Do You Have Photos Of The Snow? You Might Be The Only One


A LARGESCALE appeal has been made to the public to provide photographic evidence that it has snowed in Ireland, following the horrific news that it seems no one has been able to take pictures of the white stuff.

“We’re exploring the possibility that all phone cameras and conventional cameras have simultaneously stopped working, which would explain why there has been a complete absence of photos of snow on social media,” shared Ireland’s chief snowologist Brendan Bolan.

Bolan’s comments come after reported snowfall in various locations failed to come accompanied with pictographical displays of said snowfall. The snowologist went on to explain, citing technical jargon we didn’t understand, that snowfall doesn’t actually occur until people upload selfies of themselves in the snow.

“If you have a picture of the snow, it’s likely you’re the only one who has such a photo and we can only urge you, in the strongest possible terms to share it on social media. Ireland needs you now, more than ever,” Bolan concluded, desperate for proof it has actually snowed.

Another line of inquiry being pursued in a bid to explain the absence of photos, comes from Ireland’s Tactical Curmudgeons Unit (TCU) who are adamant the sight of snow is nothing new and anyone who takes photos of it are probably pains in the hole.

“Why would ya be taking pictures of it at all, ’tis snow boi, you’ve seen it before like,” confirmed Eoin Goan, chief TCU spokesperson, who incidentally last smiled in the year 2003.