Man City Stretch League Lead To 788 Points


FOLLOWING their 2-1 victory in the Manchester Derby, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side have stretched their lead at the top of the Premier League to an unprecedented 788 points.

Defying the fact such an achievement is mathematically impossible, Guardiola’s men outclassed their city rivals after securing the transfer of Romelu Lukaku seconds before kick off.

Manchester United, managed by Jose Mourinho, had been 8 points behind City before yesterday’s football feast, but now lie adrift of the leaders by some 788 points.

“Perfection. We were better than life itself, you are all wasting your lives. To think, you could be as awe inspiring as me and my team, but you are not. You are, how do you say? Not worthy of what we give to you. I weep when we pass, it is too beautiful,” City coach Guardiola confirmed in his post-match comments, careful not to give the impression he feels like the league title is already won.

With only 16 games in the season gone, a sublime City team has broken away from the chasing pack, prompting many fans to ask the Premier League to give them the trophy now, and restart the league in much the same way you quit playing FIFA online when getting beaten by a much better player.

There was some post-match controversy involving the City team and Mourinho, it has been alleged the incident involved the Portuguese man crying over spilled milk and the fact he will never be loved the way Guardiola is.