4 Questions Cut From Mel Gibson Late Late Interview


WITH SUCH a star-studded line up for this Friday’s Late Late Show, it can be hard to fit the entirety of pre-recorded interviews into the final edit of a show.

So it was such a shame to learn several questions posed to Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell and John Lithgow will not be shown to Irish audiences later tonight.

However, thanks to some tireless investigating from WWN, our journalists have gotten their hands on the transcript of several questions that were lobbed Gibson’s way:

1) “A lot has been made of what’s going on in Hollywood at the moment, and how careers are now quote/unquote ‘ruined’, but Mel, you allegedly beat the ever living shit out of the mother of your child and so, I suppose, what I’m saying is, aren’t you proof that as long as there’s shows like this, these offenders, these perpetrators, will always be welcomed back into the fold?”

Gibson, famed for being a straight talker, was devastatingly and refreshingly honest in his reply: “I absolutely love Ireland”

Loud, raucous applause was then heard from the audience.

2) “Mel, if I may, it’s actually beggars belief we thought it was a good idea to have you on, especially given the current climate, but when you told the mother of one of our children that if she was ‘raped by a pack of n*ggers’ it would be her fault, did imagine you’d get to witness how lovely Dublin is in November?”

Gibson, again, was his honest self: “The Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking”

Loud, raucous applause was then heard from the audience.

3) “Mel, you apologised profusely for an anti-Semitic tirade a number of years ago, which leads me onto my next question; we’re so humbled a Hollywood legend such as yourself has blessed us with his presence. Ps, Breavehart was class”

Gibson, honest to a fault: “We had some great Irish actors in that film. Ireland, the land of Saint and Scholars”

Loud, raucous applause was then heard from the audience.

4) “Just back to the bit about the domestic violence restraining order your former partner was granted, and the 36 month probation you were given, do you think they’ll harm our ratings?”

Gibson: “Guinness”

Standing ovation from the audience.